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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Month

Transcending borders towards strengthening solidarity and change

Toronto, Ontario - During the month of February 2012, over 13 grassroots organizations in Toronto collaborate to highlight the struggles towards progressive and democratic transformation processes taking place in Latin America and the Caribbean, and join efforts to organize a full month of activities aiming to engage the Canadian public on how to link theses struggles and processes to local ones and strengthen solidarity across borders.
2011 has seen some significant developments in the region as nations move toward closer economic and political integration with the creation of The Community of Latin American Caribbean States (CELA). Despite the global economic crisis gripping Europe and the United States, the Latin American region has managed to bypass the worst of the economic downturn brought about by austerity measures. Instead many countries in the region have chosen to increase social spending investing in healthcare, education, and infrastructure projects that benefit the majority of its citizens.
Despite some of these positive developments, many challenges still pose a threat to local and regional sustainable development in the region. These come in the form of Free Trade Agreements and Canada plays a leading role negotiating treaties that seek to boost corporate rights, weaken democratic rights and diminish public services, lower environmental standards, and foster violations to human rights.
With that in mind, join the Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network (LACSN) and its member organizations during this full month of solidarity activities and help us strengthen solidarity and change that transcends borders. Some of the activities include:
Inaugural Event:
Celebrating 13 Years of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela
When/Where: Saturday Feb 4th @ 5pm Friends House (Quaker Meeting House)
  • The struggle for free public education in Chile
  • Series of movie screenings and documentaries on Latin American struggles  
  • Interactive discussion examining indigenous concepts of “Living Well”
  • Solidarity and Social Justice Forum on Haiti
  • Workshops on Bill C-23 and Canadian Environmental injustice issues
  • Free Trade Agreements & resource extraction in the region
  • From Occupy to Brazilian Landless Workers Movements
  • Art, poetry and musical performances featuring local Latin artists
Closing Event/Party:
Live musical performances by Ruben(Beny) Esguerra and Luisito Orbegoso from Esguerra’s upcoming new album “A New Tradition”.  DJs eL man (Dos Mundos Radio) & no-capitalista.
When/WhereSaturday Feb 25th @ 9:30 pm, Vida Lounge, 1345 St. Clair Ave. West @ Lansdowne Ave
For additional information please visit the LACSN website or see attached list of events

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