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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Brazilian Consulate, Toronto
77 Bloor Street West

Support Zelaya's return to Honduras and taken refuge in the Brazilian Embassy there.
We call on the Canadian government to immediately declare its support for the return of democratically elected President Zelaya to power and the return to democracy.

Latin American Solidarity Network (LASN)

We invite Canadians to participate in an emergency rally on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at noon in front of the Brazilian consulate in Toronto (77 Bloor Street West) to show their support for the return to democracy in Honduras.

In light of the news of President Manuel Zelaya's return to Honduras, the Latin American Solidarity Network wishes to make known our statement regarding this development.

We commend the valiant acts of the Honduran people who have been resisting for 87 days. We also recognize the efforts of the countries of Latin America to find a peaceful resolution to this conflict, in particular we would like to thank the Brazilian government and its officials in Tegucigalpa, who have been providing for the safety of President Zelaya.

We fully agree with the statements made by Juan Barahona, the general coordinator of the National Front of Resistance Against the Coup, who has called this is a peaceful popular insurrection and has claimed that the de facto government of Micheletti has few options before them if they wish to stay in power now that Zelaya has returned. "The Armed Forces would have to commit a blood bath in order to [keep the de facto government in power]," stated Barahona. Members of the military have already stated they are willing take the lives of their fellow Hondurans.

We demand that the Canadian government condemn the acts of repression that have already been occurring and that they pressure the de facto regime to cease its repression. We have received reports of the following:

Police attacks on peaceful protests in front of the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, including the use of live ammunition, Telesur reports that there are 2 dead and many wounded as a result of the repression

The targeting of pro-democracy journalists, the de facto government has attempted to shut down Radio Globo, TV Canal 36, and has targeted members of the international press

A complete militarization of the country, with a curfew imposed around-the-clock, and the suspension of electricity and mobile phone networks

We call on the Canadian government to immediate declare its support for the return of President Zelaya to power and the return to democracy.

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